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Saugerties business offers vegan, gluten-free, organic dishes


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Prepay for 3 months (12 Bags of Specials) get your first Bag FREE-that's 13 Bags for the price of 12.

Gluten free Chocolate Cake with Blueberry Cashew Cream...Yum!

Changing the world for animals one meal at a time




Roni Shapiro, head chef and owner HGTG with some critters at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary 

Healthy Gourmet To-Go

12 Market Street  Saugerties, NY  12477

914 388-2162

Take Out/Sit Down 12-6pm at Shop on Mondays and Tuesdays Meal Delivery Service every Wednesday.



YUMMY TESTIMONIAL:“Roni, A Blissful New Year to you!!! Thanks for nurturing my body and soul with your amazing food! -Amanda” Boiceville, NY

Are you too busy to eat healthfully and cruelty-free?


If so, let us do the cooking so you don’t have to!

We fill your fridge every Wednesday with delicious, vegan, gluten free, organic ready to eat dishes and you get loads of free time!

 Meals are delivered right to your door!

 For Wednesday delivery, please order the Friday before.

 Choose the: Standard, Diet Deluxe OR Family Style Bags.

 Prepay for 3 months for HUGE savings!!!

 Scroll down for Menus and how to order.


Order a Bag of Specials 1 of 3 Ways: 


~Diet Deluxe

~Family Style


The Bag of Specials- Standard

 Get 10 ready to heat n’ eat quart and pint containers of food.  

Folks say they get 15-20+ meals when eaten with extra salads. 

 Order extra salads from us or add your own.

All dishes are always vegan, organic and gluten-free.


The Bag of Specials- Standard:  $150.00

Plus one time packaging fee:  $15.00

Prepay for the month: get free packaging and save on each Bag.

Extra delivery charges to some areas.




The Bag of Specials- Diet Deluxe 


Get everything in the Bag of Specials-Standard above.

PLUS 2 extra salads

PLUS an extra salad dressing of the week

 PLUS 2 extra soup, stew, pasta, or grain dishes (you choose the 2). 

PLUS dishes are portioned in smaller containers for easier portion control and freezing.

You get approximately 25 dishes in: 5.5oz, 8oz, 12oz, and 32oz containers.


All dishes are always vegan, organic and gluten-free.


Bag of Specials-Diet Deluxe: $225.00

This Option is only available for monthly prepays and includes FREE insulated cooler bag/ice packs.

Extra delivery charges to some areas.






The Bag of Specials- Family Style

 This option is great for busy people who want larger portions. 

Get 6 ready to heat n’ eat quarts.

You pick 'em from the menu of the week!

For additional a la charges, add even more quarts to your Bag. 

We'll confirm your total and you’ll be all set.

All dishes are always vegan, organic and gluten-free.


Bag of Specials-Family Style: $150.00.

Plus one time packaging fee:  $15.00

Prepay for the month: get free packaging and save on each Bag.

Extra delivery charges to some areas.




 Order by Friday when possible, for Wednesday delivery:

Call:  914 388-2162




We Deliver:  

North of (and around) Albany down thru Ulster/other counties, into Westchester, NYC and parts of NJ/Brooklyn. 

Ask us about overnight shipping if you’re farther away.






-Bag of Specials- 

Delivery on Wednesday January 8ththDelivery

F” means- the dish freezes well. 

6 dishes freeze well this week.

For Weight Watching folks check out the number of points noted after each dish.

To Order Call: 914 388-2162 or


PLATE 1: Grilled Zucchini n’ Puttanesca Plate- Grilled herbed zucchini served over Pasta Puttanesca sauce –tomato sauce simmered with black olives, onions, capers, garlic and fresh basil sprinkled with homemade nut ‘parma cheeze’ plus side of parsley-walnut pesto 11 points per quart

Grilled Zucchini with Pasta Puttanesca

YUMMY TESTIMONIAL: ”Roni, Your food is AMAZING! As we were eating our dessert after a tasty dinner of pasta primavera (best I have ever had) my husband said "This is the way food should be." I usually do not like pesto because it is oily and heavy; yours was heavenly! Thanks so much for being good at what you do. We love it!” Caryn H, Poughkeepsie

Angela B, Greenwich, CT

PLATE 2: Shephard’s Pie: Layers of herbed pinto beans, sweet root vegetables (turnips, carrots, parsnips, butternut squash) and green peas topped with garlic-rosemary smashed potatoes and side of thyme country brown gravy 16 points per quart


Shephard’s Pie fixin’s

YUMMY TESTIMONIAL: “ Thank you for making it so easy to eat well! I’ve now completely given up dairy products and hardly eating eggs either; will give up those soon too. Your meals have had a lot to do with it. Sending you love and good holiday wishes. “ M.B., Woodstock, NY

KALE SALAD: Live/Raw Tropical Kale Salad - marinated kale topped with cucumber, sunflower and pomegranate seeds with mango-ginger cream 5 points per quart

Pictured is Asian Kale Salad

SOUP DISH: Kale ,White Bean and Wild Rice Soup- Warming cannelloni bean soup with curly green kale, earthy wild rice and fresh sage with roasted garlic sauteed in olive oil 4 points per pint F

Cannelloni bean soup fixin’s

STEW DISH: Mexican Chipotle Lentil Chili – hearty brown lentil chili with sweet garnet yams, carrots, sweet corn, onions and fresh cilantro 5 points per pint F

QUINOA DISH: Broccoli n’ Quinoa- Grilled Broccoli with roasted pecans, fresh basil, quinoa and grilled/marinated tempeh (Add $5.00 to your total if doubling up on Quinoa or as Family Style choice) 8 points per pint

Grilled broccoli, toasted pecans and sage for the quinoa!

YUMMY TESTIMONIAL: “Hi Ronnie, Everything in my first bag of samples was so delicious. Please sign me up … I thank you and my mouth and tummy thank you! Meg C.” Rhinebeck, NY


STEW DISH:  Bombay stew- Red lentil- jasmine rice stew simmered with sweet corn, sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots and fresh cilantro infused with garlic and Indian spices 4 points per pint F

Hearty Bombay Stew

MILLET PIE: Creamy Millet with Grilled Broccoli- herb infused creamy millet polenta topped with grilled broccoli drizzled with EVOO sauteed garlic and shallots sprinkled with roasted red pepper and toasted pine nuts 8 points per container (F this dish freezes well but releases water when drained/reheated …but still delicious)

YUMMY TESTIMONIAL: “Hi Roni… You have a gift of making food taste so yummy while being healthy. Thanks for fitting us in this week. It is so helpful to have your meals to eat at the end of our crazy day. Cheers, Caryn H” Poughkeepsie, NY

PASTA DISH:  Kashi n’ Varnishkas-Toasted buckwheat kasha tossed with brown rice pasta and caramelized onions topped with delectable caraway-cremini mushroom gravy 7 points per pint F

Kasha n’ Varnishkas fixin’s

YUMMY TESTIMONIAL: “Your Kasha Varnishkas- a Smash Hit! “ Christine C., Windam, NY

DDESSERT: Chocolate Fudge Cake w. Blueberry-Cashew Cream – Yummy chocolate cake topped with rich n’ creamy cashew coconut blueberry cream and chocolate drizzle! You won’t believe its gluten free…but it is and it freezes really well! 9 points per piece F

Chocolate Cake with Blueberry Cashew Cream

YUMMY TESTIMONIAL: “ Roni, We have to get the chocolate cake order of course! (My favorite is the chocolate ganache icing btw). Thanks Lisa PS-so far, this week's food rocks! We LOVE the humus, the soup the quinoa-everything we've tried so far!” Lisa A, Hastings on Hudson

***Pardon us if we need to substitute a veggie for another sometimes without notice. Nature can do the unpredictable. Thank you for your understanding as we use only the best organic ingredients available each week...which may differ from when the menu was created.



-Bag of Specials- 

Delivery on Wednesday January 15th

F” means- the dish freezes well. 

5 dishes freeze well this week

For Weight Watching folks check out the number of points noted after each dish.

To Order Call: 914 388-2162 or


PLATE 1: Indian Plate:Brown basmati rice with toasted cashews and cilantro topped red split pea garlic dahl served with scallion-chickpea chapatti, grilled broccoli, plus cashew-cardamom cream 13 points per container F

Indian Plate …yum!

Yummy Testimonial:“Thanks. By the way my husband LOVES your food. And of course I do too. :) “ Nicole R, Wallkill, NY

PLATE 2: Stuffed Squash Plate:Sweet winter squash filled with spinach-toasted walnut millet filling with side of kale-green pea pesto plus steamed red/green cabbage with sauteed garlic and EVOO sauce 11 points per quart (F Millet releases water when defrosted/reheated but still delicious, just needs to be drained)

Winter Squash Plate fixin’s

SOUP DISH: Green Split Pea Soup-Green split soup with carrots, celery, onion and fresh dill 5 points per pint F

Green Split Pea Soup

SALAD:Mexican Salad- Baby arugula topped with grilled BBQ tofu, chopped olives, shredded ‘cheeze’, tomato and side of tomatilla salsa 5 points per container

Mexican Salad w/ guacamole cream

LENTIL DISH: Vegetable Lentil Stew- Brown lentils and jasmine rice simmered with parsnips, carrots, sweet yam, potatoes and kale with fresh rosemary 5 points per pint F

Lentil Veggie Stew fixin’s

ARTICHOKE DISH: Artichoke w/ Vinaigrette-Whole artichoke doused with a delicious herbed garlic vinaigrette served over baby arugula leaves –it’s a fun, yummy, low cal dish. Scrape the flesh off each leaf with your teeth…delish! 4 points per dish

NOODLE DISH: Thai Coconut Curried Noodles- Delicious coconut curried broth with rice noodles and shitake mushroom, garnished with red pepper, scallions and fresh cilantro 7 points per pint F

Thai Coconut Curried Noodles

YUMMY TESTIMONIAL:”I just returned from heating this soup. I worked up an appetite fighting back co-workers asking what smelled so good going from my office kitchen to my desk. This is utterly scrumptious!” C.V., NY

YUMMY TESTIMONIAL:“PS: I have enjoyed ALL of the dishes that I have gotten from you, but I must say that the Thai Coconut Curried Noodles might be my favorite; I ate all 3 quarts that I ordered within 2 days! M.C.” Poughkeepsie, NY

CHILI DISH: Pinto-Veggie Chipotle Chili- Hearty pinto bean chili with a chipotle kick plus roasted tomato, green peppers, zucchini, kale and cilantro 6 points per pint F

Pinto Veggie Chipotle Chili

CORNBREAD DISH: Corny Cornbread- Baked Tex-Mex cornbread with roasted corn, fresh chives and toasted pumpkin seeds with spicy tahini spread on the side (this dish goes GREAT w/chili!!!) 9 points per mini loaf

Baked corn bread shown with sweet potato spread

DESSERT: Tapioca Pudding- creamy coconut tapioca pudding topped with rich chocolate ganache 7 points per 12 oz. dish

Creamy tapioca pudding with chocolate ganache

  ***Pardon us if we need to substitute a veggie for another sometimes without notice.  Nature can do the unpredictable.  Thank you for your understanding as we use only the best organic ingredients available each week...which may differ from when the menu was created.


-Bag of Specials-

Delivery Wednesday January 22nd nd

F” means- the dish freezes well. 

5 dishes freeze well this week.

For Weight Watching folks check out the number of points noted after each dish.

To Order Call: 914 388-2162 or

PLATE 1: Veggie Tart Plate: GF Oat-nut crusted baked mini tart filled with herbed chickpea cream, topped with roasted asparagus, caramelized sweet onions and fresh chives served over baby arugula with maple-mustard grilled parnsips and side of Romesco sauce 12 points per quart

Mini Tarts

PLATE 2: Mex Quesadilla Plate: Grilled brown rice quesadilla filled with melted ‘cheddar cheeze’, spinach and roasted red pepper served over black beans n’ coconut jasmine rice with cilantro with side of cashew chipotle cream 16 points per quart F

Adorable client enjoying his yummy quesadilla!

YUMMY TESTIMONIAL:“Loved the quinoa this week and the quesadilla and rice and beans. I have been swamped with work so having healthy food around is invaluable!! Thanks so much for all your time and care. Best, Melissa Cooper” New York

KALE SALAD: Live/Raw Italian Kale Salad topped with sundried tomatoes, walnuts, olives, red onion and carrots with creamy Italian vinaigrette 5 points per quart

Preppin’ Kale for Salads

YUMMY TESTIMONIAL:“The Kale Salad is divine and I had a little pudding and it was yummy...xx” Susan S., NYC

SOUP DISH: Sweet Miso Soup Baby Bok choy, brown rice, wakame and tofu soup with sweet miso, toasted sesame oil/seeds and scallion 6 points per pint F

Asian Miso Soup

All Gluten Free, Cruelty Free, Vegan and Organic…..and of course, delicious!

Coconut-Curried Butternut Bisque

Coconut-curried butternut squash, red lentil and root vegetable bisque with garlic spiced oil topped with fresh chives and cumin-roasted parsnip croutons F


$12.00 per pint

$22.00 per quart

Butternut squash bisque w/chives and parsnip croutons

Holiday Stuffed Winter Squash

  Baked herbed winter squash filled with wild-brown rice stuffing: toasted pecans, caramelized sweet onions n’ figs, garlic-miso-mustard roasted tempeh and fresh sage F


$30.00 per quart -Holiday Stuffing

$30.00 per 2 halves- Holiday Stuffed Winter Squash

Plus melted ‘mozzarella cheeze’…..add $3.00 per half

Holiday Stuffed Winter Squash

Smashing Yams

Smashed garnet yams n’ sweet carrots with dried cranberries, ginger, orange zest and fresh rosemary F


$12.oo per pint

$22.00 per quart

Smashing yam fixin’s

Grilled n’ Gravy

Marinated tofu slices grilled to perfection and smothered in herbed brown country gravy F


$25 per quart of Tofu w. Gravy

Grilled tofu just waitin’ for some gravy

Quinoa Croquettes

Curried quinoa croquettes packed with black beans, avocado, garnet yam, and cilantro served with side of chipotle cashew cream


$8.00 per croquette w. sauce

Quinoa Croquettes

Skewered Brussel Sprouts

Maple-mustard roasted Brussel sprouts skewered and served shish-k-bob style with side of basil-walnut pesto F

$4.00 per skewer w. pesto

Skewered Brussel Sprouts

Tuscan Kale Salad

Live/raw marinated leafy green kale salad topped with capers, kalamata olives, marinated tomatoes and served with pine nut-parsley-basil pesto and side of homemade walnut ‘parmesan cheeze’


$18 per quart of Kale Salad

$60 per ½ tray pan

$110 per full tray pan

Raw Asian Kale Salad

Green Bean Millet Casserole

Creamy herbed millet delicately adorned with roasted green beans, cashew-basil homemade ‘cheeze’ all drizzled with almond Romesco sauce


$16 per piece

$65 per ½ tray pan

$120 full tray pan

Green Bean Millet Casserole with Romesco

Kashi n’ Varnishkas

Ode to Hannukah and Thanksgiving

Toasted buckwheat tossed with rice pasta and caramelized onions topped with delectable caraway mushroom tamari gravy F


$13 per pint

$25 per quart

Kasha n’ Varnishkas fixin’s

Spiced Chocolate Cake w/ Mousse

Holiday spiced chocolate cake with rich n’ creamy dark chocolate-pumpkin mousse sprinkled with candied pecans. It’s decadent and as always, vegan and gluten free. F

$7.00 per piece

$25.00 per loaf pan (feeds 4-6)

$55.00 per round cake (feeds 8-10)

Sample of a round chocolate cake from HGTG

   ***Pardon us if we need to substitute a veggie for another sometimes without notice.  Nature can do the unpredictable.  Thank you for your understanding as we use only the best organic ingredients available each week...which may differ from when the menu was created.



Healthy Gourmet To-Go's Mission:


Dear Valued Clients,
Healthy Gourmet To-Go loves serving you up delicious, high-quality organic, vegan ready-to-eat meals that save you lots of time as well as add a myriad of health benefits to your life.  We’ve become a totally gluten-free establishment which is very exciting!!! HGTG has been cooking up food for busy folks since 1993 and hope to keep going for many years to come.  Some of you have been getting deliveries on a weekly basis for years and years...we love you and thank you!  Others contact us when the need arises (we love you too).  We love you all and feel blessed to be feeding you great, organic, plant-based foods as often as possible....for your health, for the health of the planet and most importantly for the animals!
We deliver a delicious Bag of Specials right to your door and most people tell us each Bag contains way more than 10 meals worth of food!!  Especially when supplemented with extra salads all week long!

There are extra charges for Personalized Services (for example: nut allergies, low salt options or smaller portioned containers for easier weight loss).  Depending upon your dietary needs and how labor intensive your changes are will determine your extra charges. 
Thank you so much for supporting HGTG…what a gift it is to be able to feed so many people so much animal-free food!  And now that we have a storefront in Saugerties, NY it’s such a pleasure getting to meet so many of you!

Hugs and love,
Roni Shapiro
President, Healthy Gourmet To-Go
914 388-2162


-------Please forward this email to friends, family and/or co-workers who might be interested in Healthy Gourmet To-Go's delicious, healthful. organic, vegan meals.  We appreciate you spread the word, it helps us grow!